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We believe that good attendance is essential if your child is to succeed in school.

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Irregular attendance means that, however hard we try, we cannot enable the pupil to achieve his/her maximum potential.

It is certain that children whose attendance is repeatedly interrupted will do less well and are likely to underachieve than those who are good attenders. Therefore we request that parents make every effort to ensure their child’s attendance is as complete as possible.

Where parentally condoned unauthorised absence becomes a problem the school will involve the Education Welfare Service.


A note must be provided. Once we are satisfied that the pupil is absent as the result of illness the absence is authorised.

Medical and Dental Appointments

These will be authorised if confirmed by a note. Appointments will usually justify only a half day’s absence.

Request for Withdrawal from Learning

Any requests for the withdrawal from learning should be made by completing a withdrawal from learning form and emailing it to the school office. Please click here for that form.

Family holidays

No absence for the purpose of a family holiday will be authorised for any pupil during the year.

Medicines in school

The local authority rules do not allow us to give any medicines in school because of the risks associated with giving incorrect medications. You are most welcome to come in to school to administer medication or nominate a representative to do so.

In the case of regular preventative medicines (such as inhalers for asthma,) these may be stored in the office and used as directed.


If your child is ill it is important to telephone the school (from 8.30 a.m.) on the morning of the absence to advise us. You should keep your child home until fully recovered. It is essential that we are sent a written note when your child returns.

If you have a medical or dental appointment for your child, please inform us well in advance. If your child is returning before lunch and requires a school meal, please let us know on the morning of the absence.

If for any reason, somebody other than yourself is collecting your child, please inform us, as we will not release a child to go with any person without permission. Also we will not allow any child to leave the school during sessions unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Accidents and Emergencies

When a new child is admitted, we ask you to fill in a form which include essential details and contact phone numbers. We also ask for special medical details, and an alternative contact if you are unavailable.

Please keep us informed of any changes in telephone numbers and addresses. They may be needed in an emergency or to relay messages via group call.

If your child is ill, we will inform you, and ask you to collect them. In the case of an accident, the same procedure will be followed. If you are unavailable, we will take appropriate action to safeguard your child’s welfare.