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At Towers Schools we build our futures together- and what better place to start than at the very foundations?

We are committed to helping our children become happy, confident and independent learners by understanding and catering to their individual wants, needs and interests. We provide them with a safe and stimulating environment in which to learn and explore and we pride ourselves on developing a love of learning that can only come from access to an exciting and enriching curriculum.

Children have a variety of opportunities to facilitate their own learning through carefully resourced provision which are designed to encompass all areas of our curriculum. All of our adults support children through the use of high quality interactions that challenge thinking and extend learning.

Through play-based learning and topics we endeavour to provide each child with a range of opportunities which stimulate their creativity and support their development based on their likes and interests.

We value the importance of the outdoor environment, ensuring that children can develop in all aspects when they are engaged in outside activities.

The Early Years curriculum is composed of seven key areas of learning which we consider carefully when planning activities and provision for our children. Wherever possible, we look for opportunities to bring different areas of learning together to provide a broad and balanced curriculum.

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Our Reception Curriculum Map 2023-2024