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At Towers Federation we believe each child will develop a love and passion for words, that will empower and excite them to enter the limitless world that is their imagination. We provide them with the progressive skills needed to become independent writers. It is crucial we keep key elements of our children's writing development consistent. Below are resources and information that provide you with a better understanding of how you can support your child at home. 


Letter Formation

In handwriting lessons we teach children to form letters starting and finishing in the correct place, to support the children with this we match a ditty/slogan to each letter. Each letter begins with the term "whoosh" for the lead in stroke. Please see the below document which shows the ditty/slogan for each letter:


Pencil Grip

A good pencil grasp/ grip allows the children to keep the wrist steady and make small movements of the fingers to move the pen tip in different directions to create short straight and curved lines. In the document below it shows four different types of pencil grip. We encourage the children to hold their pencil grip like style one and two. If you need ways to support your child's pencil grip development please see your class teacher. 

Also below is additional information regarding pencil grip. 


Pre-handwriting Patterns

​Learning pre-handwriting patterns is the important first step in handwriting. Pre-handwriting patterns help a child to learn the shapes and directional pushes and pulls of the writing tools required to form letters. All letters are a combination of these shapes and lines. Below are patterns/ shapes you can practise either before letters are taught or alongside.